If Else Statement

Determine If Year Is Leap Year Java Example

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  • Comment # 1 -> Yes, it is possible to remove key-value using value. Search through the collection and when you find the element delete it using corresponding key.

    Comment # 2 ->I do not agree. It deletes the value actually. Collections stores VALUES and associate a key to same for easy retrieval. So actually you are removing value using its key.

  • /*The logic of Leap Year Programis not complete
    it should be*/
    System.out.println(year+” is a leap year”);
    else if(year%4==0 && year%100!=0)
    System.out.println(year+” is a leap year”);
    System.out.println(year+” is not a leap year”);

  • The logic of leap year is wrong…. A year shouldalso be divisble by 400 to be a leap year…
    line no 16 should be replaced by
    if(year % 4 == 0 && year % 400 == 0)


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